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Is It Harder To Lose Weight As You Age?

How To Lose Weight As You Age

If you have noticed that it is more difficult to lose weight over the age of 30 you are not alone. Understanding the factors that make it more difficult to lose weight as you age is the first step in shedding those excess pounds.


Three hormones are the key factors that make it more challenging to lose weight and keep weight off as we age. Here’s what you need to know:

Growth Hormone: growth hormone slows as we age and our body stops producing it altogether by the age of 30. Why? Because we are adults and we are done growing. However, this lost hormone accounts for our loss of muscle mass. To make up for the loss you can take nutritional supplements and increase your weight and resistance training.

Insulin and Glucose: after the age of 25 our body shifts the way in which it produces glucose and insulin. As a result, the rate at which we metabolize food and burn calories slows down. You can counterbalance this by working with a nutritionist to identify the metabolism-boosting foods that are right for your body.

Melatonin: as we age we begin to produce less melatonin, the hormone that naturally helps us to fall asleep. This is essential because a lack of sleep is directly related to weight gain. Sticking to a sleep schedule is helpful as well as taking melatonin supplements. The best way to tell if you are losing melatonin is if it takes longer to fall asleep than it used to. However, stress could also be the cause of your sleep disruption.

Whatever you do avoid the temptation to take any extreme measures to lose weight and instead focus on nutrition and strength.

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