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Is ASMR Artificial Intimacy?

Is ASMR Artificial Intimacy?

With the digital age comes an increasing concern for artificial intimacy the likes of falling in love with a video game avatar or an iOS personal assistant like in the movie Her. Some worry that ASMR runs this fine line of artificial intimacy but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

An Alternative Form Of Meditation

Many ASMR artists do roleplay scenarios that combine whispering with tapping or scratching sounds, such as pampering you while at the spa. These role plays often provide both visual and auditory stimuli, resulting in a tingling sensation in the scalp or throughout the body. For many, this is the only way that they can achieve a meditative state. It’s no different than someone who visualizes during meditation for the same feeling of euphoria. In fact, some have replaced meditation with ASMR because they find it easier to focus and easier to get into a meditative state.

A Safe Place For Intimacy

There is, however, a level of intimacy achieved during ASMR, just as there is intimacy with a massage or any type of bodywork or hands-on spiritual healing. We must not define intimacy only as something sexual and sex should not be the only type of intimacy we have in our lives. For those struggling with PTSD, vulnerability, deservability, and even physical and emotional intimacy—ASMR provides a safe and private way to open their heart and mind.

If ASMR whispering or roleplays aren’t in your comfort zone try one of the many tapping videos—or download an app that has a variety of binaural sounds.

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