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The Problem With Plans

Problem With Plans

We should all have goals and a plan in place to keep us motivated and on track. But there are a few inherent problems with all plans.

Plans Change

When we become too attached to, reliant upon, or even obsessive with the plan we have put in place—we fail to leave room for change. Change is inevitable in life and change is good; natural even. As stressful as it may seem in the moment change almost always works out for the best so we must be open to the opportunities that come with change.

It’s All About The Plan

There can be a sense of comfort in sticking to a plan but this is a false sense of security. Not just that but when life, work, or your upcoming vacation becomes more about the plan and less about enjoying the present moment we lose the joy that makes life worth living.

Sometimes Plans Go Against The Flow

Without a doubt, many of our goals in life take hard work, persistence and a plan. However, there is a fine line between sticking to a plan because it is necessary and making choices that go against the natural flow of your life. You are the one who has to keep this in check. No one else can do it for you.

Plans are great just don’t let your plan control you.

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