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The Problem With The Food Pyramid

The Problem With The Food Pyramid

Not only is there an ever-growing list of diets to choose from but we have a Food Pyramid that suggests what a well-balanced diet should look like. Here’s why the Food Pyramid doesn’t work.

It Doesn’t Teach Us What Real Food Is

The challenge with the Food Pyramid is our current cultural approach to food. We have come to a point at which both adults and kids have a hard time telling the difference between fake food products and real food. For example, an orange flavored beverage is not the same as fresh squeezed orange juice. Instant oatmeal is not the same as whole oats. Iceberg lettuce is not the same as dark leafy greens. If we don’t understand these differences we may intent to eat well-balanced diets but fall drastically short.

It Isn’t Personalized

We must not forget that the Food Pyramid is a general guideline for the average adult. But, we each have individual nutritional needs which vary greatly depending on our gender, age, level of physical fitness, and overall health. While something few of us invest the time, in we would all benefit from working with a nutritionist at least every 3 to 5 years.

What the Food Pyramid does do well is suggest a diet that is well-balanced and high in health-boosting antioxidants—which should be everyone’s goal.

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