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Are You Living The Offline Life You Want?

Living Your Best Life Offline

One of the things that we all love about online gaming, virtual reality, and social media is that they have the potential to allow us to live at least part of our lives in an alternate universe. For example, my interior design app lets me pursue a creative interest that I genuinely enjoy but—have no desire to pursue as a career. However, our online actives can become a bit of a rabbit hole so we must be mindful that we strive for an maintain the offline lives that we want.

Use Your Online Activities For Inspiration

Consider where you spend most of your time online and look for ways to bring it to real life—as long as it is healthy. For example, if most of your time is spend playing Grand Theft Auto V don’t go out and become a thug. Instead look for more real-life experiences. Maybe even learn to drive a race car. As with my example of an interior design app, it’s not a career choice for me but gives me a healthy creative outlet. That being said, you may be able to turn your online activity into a career or real-life hobby.

Time Block

Living in a state of constant distraction is one of the downsides of our daily electronics use. Not only do we get less done, but the quality of our communication and our work is often degraded. Most importantly it trains our brain to only commit minutes or seconds to people, projects, and decisions that should be provided a greater amount of thought and quality of our time. To counterbalance our need, and our love, of being digitally connected we should time block 2 to 5 hours a day for distraction-free focus. Ideally, 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour at night, no less than 1 hour with your loved ones, and 1 or 2 hours on the priority of your day. Not only will you get more done but time blocking will increase output and improve human connection.

Live is meant to be lived in person and online, but nothing can compare to real-life human experiences!

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