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How To Stop Micromanaging Your Life

Stop Micromanaging Your Life

It’s not just employers who micromanage but also partners and parents. Not only that, you might be micromanaging your own life in an unhealthy manner. Here’s how to stop.

Address Your Fear

It’s certainly not what you want to hear and may be a tough one to swallow—but fear is behind all who micromanage. The precise fear will vary from one person to the next but it’s almost always related to fear of failure or of losing a perception of perfection. No one is perfect and perfect is often insincere so this is the first place to start.

Consider What You Lose

While you tell yourself that things are more efficient your way, consider what you lose. The biggest culprits are time, innovation, spontaneity, co-creation—and respect. This can degrade the quality of your time with others and often leaves those in your life feeling undervalued. Micromanaging also keeps others from reaching their full potential.

Let Go

Don’t get me wrong there is a time and place for a very hands-on approach, but every good plan of action must include gradually (or rapidly) giving up more of what’s on your plate to others. And if those you share responsibility with don’t get their part done there must be a system in place for accountability.

As you let go of time typically spent microimaging fill it in with things that bring you joy.

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