Why Couples Who Play Together Stay Together

Why Couples Who Play Together Stay Together

It’s one of those phrases that we’ve all heard but that few of us have given much thought. Ask any relationship expert and they will tell you that couples who play together stay together, or at the very least play is essential for a happy and healthy relationship.

Play Can Mean Many Things

Play is a word we often reserve for kids but adults can and should play too. You can play solo, with friends, and with your partner too. Play can refer to things we loved to do as a childlike swinging on the swing set or having an impromptu water fight in the yard but play really refers to anything you do together that is for fun, joy, and connection. As a couple, you must schedule these experiences in but you must also be open to spontaneity.


While we should not rely on our partner to be our sole source of growth the experiences we share with our partner and the experiences we support our partners through are essential for a happy relationship. That is not to say that some growth won’t be challenging, but the process of experiencing growth together strengthens your bond.

Next time you find yourself in a monotonous cycle, even if things are going well, schedule in a day of something fun and new to help keep you connected.

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