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Letting Go Of Your Perception Of Perfection

Letting Go Of Your Perception Of Perfection

If you are one of the millions of people who struggle to maintain your perception of perfection and are looking for an alternative then it’s time to let go. Easier said than done and a bit bumpy at first but ultimately empowering.

You Deserve To Be You

Whether perfectionism is something you have strived for since youth or a habit you fell into as an adult, the perception you strive for suppresses the real you. You and all of humanity deserve to do, see and be what comes naturally to us.

Your Social Circle May Shift

Expect to lose a few friends as you embrace the real you, not because of your lack of perfection—but due to your current social circle’s need to maintain theirs. Watching you embrace your authenticity will be too close to home for some. However, there will always be a few people who pleasantly surprise you. And you will, of course, attract new likeminded friends.

Setting A Better Example

As you strive for an unrealistic and increasingly impossible to keep up with a perception of perfection, you set an unhealthy example for your children—and create an unintentional stress in your home. Let it go and the example you set will create a happier and less stressful environment for all.

When you let go of what you are supposed to be the power of who you are will take your life to the next level.

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