Why Glamping Works

Why Glamping Works

Glamping has become a full-on travel niche rising in popularity all around the world. It’s evolved from camping in an RV to staying in luxurious cabins and cottages. With glamping accommodations rivaling the prices of 5-star hotels you might be wondering why glamping works?

The Best Of Both Worlds

Glamping allows you to escape the city and spend time in nature without giving up any creature comforts. Select a location that has the outdoor activities you enjoy so, but know that when you return home at the end of the day you can kick back and relax in style. And yes, most luxury Airbnbs or cabins have a place where you can sit out and roast smores.

A Safer Nature Experience

For those of us who haven’t spent much time in nature, glamping is a safer way to enjoy nature than full-on roughing it. In fact, you might love glamping but hate camping, and that’s ok. And if you don’t like being too remote or are traveling solo look for a resort or weekend retreat in a forest, on a mountain, or on an island.

Glamping is perfect for couples, singles and the entire family. In many locations you don’t have to unplug but unplugging is strongly suggested.

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