Fun Daytime Date Ideas

Daytime Date Ideas

If your relationship is new and you want to bypass the stress of an evening date, or you simply want to spend a day doing something fun together these daytime date ideas are perfect!

Take A Tour

It doesn’t matter how long you have lived in your current city, taking a local tour is always a fun daytime date idea. This includes the common tourist attractions but also head to TripAdvisor or Airbnb Experiences to look for niche and off-the-beaten-path tours. This might include a food tour, Segway tour, architectural tour, and more.

Head To A Festival

Check your local events calendar to see if there are any seasonal or annual festivals that might make a fun daytime date. Half the fun is in finding things that might not be on your radar, like a Renaissance Fair. If not in your hometown then make it a day trip to a surrounding city. Be sure to plan some of your festival, fair and local event dates in advance.

Pack A Picnic

Picnic’s never go out of style! And one of the great things about picnics is that they can include either homemade foods or gourmet deli selections. Don’t worry if you don’t have an official picnic basket but be sure to bring a blanket or some portable chairs. If the weather is warm select a location with plenty of shade. If you have dogs bring them with and if you and your partner are athletic consider bringing your bikes or a frisbee. At the very least take a walk, and if there is a lake you can feed the ducks.

You don’t always have to have a plan but part of spending quality time together includes scheduling in some new experiences.

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