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You Can Work Something Up, Or Work It Down

Work Something Up Or Work It Down

It’s happened to all of us. Something goes other than planned and we get all worked up. Then we build upon our shock and disappointment considering all else that can and might go wrong. But there is another option. Instead of working something up you can work it down.

Take Time To Feel But Don’t Let It Keep You Down

Some things are certainly more challenging to let go of than others but maintaining perspective is key. You can’t change what has happened and the sooner you can accept it you can start moving forward.

Stop What If-Ing It

While it’s important to retrace your steps in order to take ownership of any areas of opportunity, we must not spend too much time what if-ing. Especially since as much as we plan, most things in life are out of our control. Either way, your time should be spent in the present not the past.

Find The Bright Side

When looking back on past unplanned challenges you will find that things often worked out for the best, or simply weren’t as bad as you had imagined they might be. So the sooner you start looking for the positive the better.

Even if you can’t find the bright side of a situation find little things to be grateful for, like children’s laughter, the beauty of flowers, the artistry of street musicians, or the sunny blue sky. The more positive things you can find the easier it will be to start moving forward.

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