Why Camel Milk Is The New Milk

Camel Milk Is The New Milk

Camel’s aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of milk, but it’s been enjoyed for centuries in the Middle East and Africa. With its growing popularity, even cooler weather climates such as Germany and the Netherlands are finding ways to farm camels. Here are just a few reasons why there is such a surge in popularity.

It’s Easy To Digest

It’s easier than ever to find dairy alternatives, which also includes the milk of camels. What makes cows milk hard to digest is the A1 casein and lactoglobulin proteins, neither of which are present in camels. Unlike raw milk, it is pasteurized.

Impressive Health Benefits

At approximately $16 per liter, with a 6-liter minimum, you might be wondering if it’s worth ordering. However, when you look at the health benefits many find it is worth the cost. Desert Farms currently dominates the international market and they have a variety of products including powdered milk, supplements, and frozen Keifer 6-packs. Here are just a few of the health benefits:

  • Gluten-free and paelo/keto friendly
  • High in insulin making it diabetic-friendly
  • Higher in immune-boosting immunoglobulins than cow milk
  • Low in fat at just 2 to 3 percent
  • Prove to lessen the impact of allergies, autism, and inflammation
  • Higher in essential vitamins and nutrients than other milk
  • Packed full of skin-healthy antioxidants
  • And more!

If drinking this milk alternative is hard to swallow, give chocolate made with camel’s milk a try—or try a few skincare and beauty products.

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