Don’t Settle For Good Enough In Your Love Life

Don't Settle For Good Enough In Your Love Life

It doesn’t matter what area of life we are speaking of, you should never settle for less—and good enough is less. One of the challenges is that we don’t always spot good enough in our relationships. These tips will help.

Consider What Is Familiar

Many of us subconsciously select partners that have the same dynamic our parents did with the person they married or people they dated. Or, we choose partners who treat us the same way our parents did. Even if these relationships aren’t healthy the behavior is familiar, we know what to do with it. Consider if you are trapped in a generational cycle of repetition and if you are work on breaking free.

Ask A Trusted Friend

We’ve all been there, with a friend who is dating someone who treats them terribly. Or our friend treats their partner terribly. Or they are dating a wonderful person, but something’s just not right. Unless the behavior is dangerous most of our friends won’t say a word. So, identify one or two trusted friends, mentors, or advisors and ask them for their honest opinion. Their answer should not be a quick yes or no and is not about whether they like your partner or would date them. Instead, you want specific examples of what they see in your partnership in terms of happiness and compatibility.

Last but not least, don’t count out couples counseling, which can be done solo as you work through what your short and long-term relationship goals are.

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