Brewing The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Brew The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

I know I’m not alone when I say that I can’t start my day without my coffee! But, my caffeine fix isn’t my only motivation. I actually love the flavor and aroma and enjoy trying different beans and brewing methods. Here are some tips for brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

Make Your Coffee At Home

Café coffee is great but in most coffee shops it’s meant to be brewed quickly, or at the very least varies greatly in taste from one barista to the next. By brewing at home you can experiment with different brewing methods. I personally love French pressed and percolated coffee. If you are at Starbucks order ahead or schedule in enough time to have your coffee brewed with their Clover brewing system. You will taste the difference.

Experiment With Your Beans

I have a couple of go-to coffee brands but I enjoy tasting different beans. I pick up fresh local beans every time I travel. Also, consider signing up for a monthly coffee subscription box. In case it has to be said, fresh grind your beans immediately before brewing.

Drink It Black

As you experiment with new beans and brewing methods be sure to taste your coffee before adding in any cream, milk, or sugar. You are likely to find that there are at least a few beans you don’t need it with as the flavor is so good on its own!

Happy brewing!

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