But That Won’t Work For Me

But That Won't Work For Me

We’ve all done it without realizing it. We hear a solution to a problem or an easier way to get something done but reject it without giving it much thought. Here’s what to do the next time you find yourself thinking or saying, “but that won’t work for me.”

Ask Yourself Why Not

First up, take some time to absorb the information you’ve just heard or uncovered. Ask questions and gather additional information and then apply critical thinking to make an educated decision about whether or not it might be a viable solution. If it has indeed worked for someone else, it’s likely that it can work for you too.

Challenge Yourself To Explore More

In an odd and counterproductive manner, it is socially acceptable for life to be hard and solutions to take a long time to find. In reality, this thought process is more choice than truth. If you have even a shred of new insight it’s worth additional exploration. Maybe the solution you have learned truly won’t work for you but it may open your eyes to other possibilities.

Don’t Give Up

Keep trying until you find what works. For example, I have a friend who struggled for years with gout and an ankle that would periodically swell to a point that he couldn’t walk. He had tried everything and followed all of his doctor’s instructions. But he kept his mind open and kept exploring alternatives. Now when his ankle starts to swell he schedules acupuncture and can walk out an hour later feeling almost 100 percent.

No matter what area of life we are talking about, even a long-held circumstance or belief, we must keep our minds open to the possibilities.

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