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How 30 Days Of Gratitude Can Change Your Outlook

30 Days Of Gratitude

November is National Gratitude Month and many of your friends are posting to social media one new thing they are grateful for each day. While gratitude doesn’t have to be shared it can change your outlook in as few as 30 days.

Increased Optimism

We are biologically programmed to protect ourselves, which means preparing for all possibilities. For some of us, this is a healthy and proactive mindset, for others, it breeds fear and pessimism. In as few as 2 weeks of a daily gratitude practice, even a naturally pessimistic person will lean more toward optimism.

Taking The Time To Reflect

It’s easy to get caught up in your busy schedule. We rush from one task to the next without appreciating the little details that make life worth living. Like your co-worker who genuinely greets you each day, the barista who has your coffee ready as soon as you are done paying, or the stranger who offered you a smile or kind word. Even in a day that feels like a bit of a blur, or like groundhog’s day, if you take the time to reflect and are more conscious throughout the day you will find much to be grateful for.

Consciously thinking about a few moments of gratitude is effective, writing or typing it is even more powerful.

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