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Managing Your Media Intake

Managing Your Media Intake

It’s a plain and simple fact, negative media can decrease your productivity, put you in a bad mood, and can keep you up at night. While we must be responsible and informed we must also manage our media intake to ensure we remain healthy and productive. Here are a few tips.

Shut It Off The First And Last Hour Of Your Day

It’s time to stop using our smartphones as an alarm clock. Otherwise, we pick up our phones and within seconds of waking are checking our emails, alerts, and the latest breaking news. Studies also show that watching or reading the news before bedtime can cause stress, anxiety, and poor sleep. If you typically watch TV in the evenings you can’t get away from the news clips played during commercials. So, watch news-free cable or stream the last hour or so of the day, and turn off all electronics.

Schedule Your Media Time

To avoid getting sucked down the rabbit hole schedule your media time. This might mean watching or reading the news each day from only 6 pm to 7 pm. If you have to, set a timer that alerts you to when it is time to stop and focus your attention elsewhere.

Don’t Get Pulled In

We don’t just get our news from news sources anymore but also from social media news feeds, automated notifications, and the endless sidebar articles on websites. It is essential that we don’t allow ourselves to be pulled in every time news pops up. And it will still be there during our allotted media time.

There are always exceptions to any rule, such as breaking media or days with major events, but it is more important now than ever to manage your media intake.

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