Why Eating More Meatless Meals Will Make You Feel Better

Meatless Meals Are Good For You!

Humans are carnivores but most of us eat more meat than our bodies require to thrive. While you may love meat as much as the next person, most of us eat meat daily only because it is a cultural norm. Here is why eating more meatless meals will make you feel better.


You must be mindful of replacing your protein source when eating a meal without meat, otherwise, you may not get the protein your body requires. Since most of your protein alternatives are plant-based and fiber-rich your digestion is likely to improve.

Increased Immunity

Meat contains antioxidants, but grains, fruits, and veggies contain more. Even if you only eat 3 meatless lunch or dinners a week your increased antioxidant intake will significantly boost your immunity.

More Energy

If a fair portion of the meat you eat is fried, breaded or processed—then its nutritional content is low. By replacing a few of your processed meat proteins each week with real food proteins sources like avocados, nuts, seeds, legumes, and soy products your body will thank you by providing an increased boost in energy.

Meatless doesn’t have to be extreme and tofu is far from your only option. A top pick for a meat-free meal is Beyond Meat burgers.

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