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Why You Still Need Sunscreen This Winter

Why You Still Need Sunscreen This Winter

Just because the chilly season or downright freezing season is among us—doesn’t mean you can ditch your daily sunscreen. In fact, we need winter sunscreen now more than ever.

Sun Rays Aren’t The Only Harmful Lighting We Are Exposed To

Infrared indoor light bulbs are used in many offices and indoor commercial spaces, emitting light our skin requires protection from. But it doesn’t stop there, the blue light from our electronic devices also emits harmful rays. This means you require full body protection year-round and when indoors.

Beyond UVA/UVB Protection

While finding a sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection was once the goal, you now must look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen to also protect yourself from infrared and blue light. And when it comes to SPF 50 is the minimum. To minimize your risk of skin irritation, choose mineral or organic sunscreens. Also, make sure your SPF protection includes your hair, body, lips, and eyes.

While mid-day reapplication may not be a priority during the winter months, you must not ditch your daily protection. If sunspots are of concern head to your dermatologist to identify a daily sunscreen that will minimize spotting, and repair your skin. Yes, these same formulas can be anti-aging as well!

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