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Are You Comfort Eating Or Are You Addicted To Your Favorite Unhealthy Foods?

Are You Comfort Eating Or Are You Addicted To Your Favorite Unhealthy Foods

You know that the unhealthy foods you eat are unhealthy, so why is it that you can’t stop eating them? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just comfort eating or a general lack of willpower—you may unknowingly be addicted to specific food products.

Processed Foods Are Engineered To Be Addictive

Food brands don’t just create delicious processed food recipes but they bring in food chemists and food engineers to create food that ignites the same habit-forming response in your brain as addictive substances. They even leverage substance addiction research to make their products more addictive.

Don’t Think You Eat That Much Sugar?

You might not have an outright sweet tooth, but over 70% of foods in the grocery store has added sugar. This includes items that don’t taste sweet, such as many processed meat products. If your diet is high in processed foods you likely have an excessive amount of sugar in your diet. This is why we have an obesity epidemic in our youth and why 1 out of 4 teenagers are prediabetic or diabetic.

How To Break A Food Addiction

Like any addiction going cold turkey is harder than you think. Instead of going it alone, consider working with a nutritionist who will introduce foods into your diet designed to curb sugar cravings. In addition, your body will thank you for shifting to the nutrient-rich foods it requires to thrive. In some cases, you may need to gradually wean yourself off, cutting your sugar intake by 50 percent to begin with.

Unlike other addictions, after just 2 weeks of eating clean, your addictive cravings will stop.

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