Meaningful Gift Ideas 

Meaningful Gift Ideas

Whether you are purchasing for a minimalist who doesn’t want more stuff, or you simply want to give the perfect gift—these ideas will help. 

  1. An Experience: vacation, vacation excursion, local niche tour, theater or movie tickets, or even a class or seminar in an area of interest. 
  1. A Framed Photo: in the day and age of selfies and digital photos a framed photo feels extra special. This could be a beautiful frame that you find at Marshalls or a professionally matted and framed photo.  
  1. Something Original: head to Etsy, an art fair, or to a local artist and purchase or have something made that is one-of-a-kind, or at least limited. 
  1. Time: time is something many of us are short on, so find a way to help your loved one carve more time. This might be quality time with you or a gift that will in some way lighten their load.  
  1. The Thing They Won’t Buy For Themselves: a massage, perfume, jewelry, skincare products, or a gift certificate to a store they love but is a bit of a splurge.  

It’s always the thought that counts but the gifts above will have extra impact.

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