Project 333 For The Holiday Season 

Holiday Project 333

The holiday season is full of special events that require dressing up a bit more than usual.  Here’s how to make it work with your downsized wardrobe.  

Go Shopping 

Semi-formal and formal attire is not included in your capsule wardrobe count, so allow yourself to splurge on a few new items. They key is to select items that are timeless and versatile, such as a navy suit or a little black dress. Then invest in multiple accessories (ties, pocket squares, jewelry, shoes, etc.) so that you can wear your formal attire in many different ways. If possible, select items that you can wear year-round.  

Maximize Separates 

The same black or neutral skirt or slack can be worn with event-appropriate blouses, dress shirts, blazers, sweaters, and more. And many of the holiday investments you make can be added to your seasonal or year-round capsule wardrobe. That being said, if you love a fun holiday shirt, sweater or accessories—invest in a few as you can still wear them next year. 

Don’t Stress About It 

The holiday event season is one of those times of year you find yourself a little more concerned about people noticing your minimal wardrobe—but don’t stress about it.  The average person is not paying that much attention, and if they are it says more about them than it does about you.  

And don’t forget the holiday season is not about what you wear, it’s about celebrating and making meaningful memories with the ones you love.  

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