Not Feeling The Holiday Spirit? 

Not Feeling The Holiday Spirit?

Whether you are down and out, it’s your first single holiday in a while, or you are so busy that you feel like you don’t have the time—these tips will help you get in the holiday spirit. 

Your Favorite Holiday Activities 

One of the reasons we no longer feel the holiday spirit is because somewhere along the way we stopped doing the holiday activities we love most. These are often the little things we never thought twice of as a child or traditions we created as adults—but have allowed to fall by the wayside. That being said, don’t count out new traditions or accepting invites to holiday parties and events.

Make Time 

If your desire is there but you don’t have time, make time. We must prioritize life beyond work, otherwise, the joy of being alive gets lost. As impossible as it may feel, take a half day or book a last minute vacation day. Unplug to truly enjoy. Not only will this get you in the holiday spirit but you will return to work feeling refreshed. 

Last but not least, if the obligations of time and spending are what leave you less than excited about the holidays—consider skipping it this year or take a holiday getaway instead! 

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