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Collagen—It’s Not Just For Beauty 

Collagen Not Just For Beauty

Collagen is almost always related to beauty products and your skincare routine, but it can do so much more for your body than combat the signs of aging.  

What Is Collagen? 

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein, the most abundant in our body. Like many things, as we age, we must take steps to maintain our collagen or we will see and feel the difference.  

What Does Collagen Do? 

This essential protein is responsible for giving shape and strength to skin, tissues, bones, muscles, hair, fingernails and your primary organs—including your gut health. So there are many reasons to take collagen beyond fine lines and wrinkles. 

Do Men Need Collagen Too? 

Men naturally have more collagen than women, but yes—men should ensure that they get enough collagen in their diet. You can take collagen in supplement form, but you can also eat foods that stimulate collagen production. This includes bone broth, dark leafy greens, avocado, oysters, and any food high in vitamin C. 

One way I get my collagen is to mix collagen powder into my coffee instead of milk or cream.  

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