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December 2018

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    Is A Lack Of Self-Trust Why You Are So Indecisive

    Your Lack Of Self-Trust Has You Indecisive

    We have more information and access than ever before. Instead of being excited by this, many of us are overwhelmed and stuck in our indecision. While having too many choices is an easy excuse it’s our lack of self-trust that’s really holding us back from the life we deserve.

    Trusting In The Unknown

    In her book, Trust Iyanla Vanzant talks about how self-trust is the first and most essential trust that we must develop. If we don’t trust ourselves we can’t trust or have faith in anything or anyone else. This includes trusting in our ability to thrive through the unknown as the universe will deliver.

    Letting Go Of The Known

    As uncomfortable, unhealthy or downright dysfunctional our current circumstances may be, and as much as we may think about and talk about striving for more—many of us remain stuck in the rut of what we know. Oddly, there is a comfort in what is familiar, but we will never get to the life we desire until we let go of the life we know.

    Trust Yourself To Trust Others

    When you trust yourself you will strengthen your ability to assess other’s words and intentions. This is not about judging others and we won’t always get it right, but trust includes knowing that we will continue to learn, grow, and continually move forward.

    Start with one decision and keep trusting yourself that you will figure things out as you go!

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