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Getting Past Your Past 

Getting Past Your Past

We have all made our fair share of mistakes but we must not let our mistakes or the mistakes of our immediate family members hold us back from the life our heart desires. 

Forgive Yourself 

If needed you must forgive yourself and others. Holding on keeps you tethered to a weight that pulls you down and keeps you from moving forward. Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting. Identify the lessons you have learned and be grateful you don’t have to learn them again 

Rethink Your Inner Circle 

If your inner circle shames you for your past, it’s time to make some new friends. That being said, you must give people a chance. Often our fear of how people may respond if they find out our truth is worse than reality. True friends will meet you with compassion, and if they haven’t already, will share their mistakes too.  

Take The First Step 

The crazy thing about a challenging past is that we stay stuck because it is comfortable and the alternative has so many unknown variables, but taking the first step requires you to face the unknown. Instead of facing it with fear, face it with the excitement of the endless possibilities! 

Another way to get motivated is to consider how many years you’ve let your past hold you back and how you won’t let yourself be in the same place 6 months from now.  

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