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Still Haven’t Decided Whose House To Go To For The Holidays?

Still Haven’t Decided Whose House To Go To For The Holidays

It’s a stressful and dreaded decision and one you may be putting off confirming as more than one person assumes you are going to their house for the holidays. The holidays are only a few weeks away, so it’s time to decide.

Do What You Want

While it’s certainly not the intention holidays can be stressful, sometimes unreasonably so. Set aside the wants of everyone else and determine what you want to do—and do that without guilt. If it helps, schedule nearby days to celebrate with loved ones in the weeks before and after.


If you have a spouse or partner, your parents are divorced, or you have created your own holiday traditions—you must consider making a schedule to alternate holidays with loved ones. This might mean doing your own thing for Christmas, and alternating Thanksgiving and Hanukkah each year. There may still be double stops on some days but alternating will help.

Be Clear But Respectful

In many families, guilt is an unfortunate response to a decision not to participate in the usual holiday events. This is why you must be clear, consistent, and respectful. However, part of being respectful is to be timely in notifying family of your plans—so now is the time.

And if you need to get away from it all book a flight and have a holiday vacation instead.

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