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How To Boost Your Immunity This Cold And Flu Season

Boost Your Immunity This Cold And Flu Season

Cold and flu season is here but it doesn’t have to slow you down. Here are 10 tips for boosting your immunity.

  1. Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Sleep is when your body heals and repairs so it must remain a top priority.
  2. Use your preferred nasal irrigation system at least 2 times a week, and anytime you are exposed to someone who is sick.
  3. Boost your antioxidants by eating more fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts, and seeds. You can even make your own immunity boosting antioxidant beverage.
  4. Drink more water and unsweetened herbal tea to flush out the toxins you come in contact with.
  5. Intentionally eliminate toxins with deep breathing, steam, sauna, exercise, Epsom salt bath, or dry brushing.
  6. Minimize stress as much as you can, as stress decreases your immunity.
  7. Take a daily multivitamin to ensure you receive your essential nutrients. Better yet if you have a personal vitamin test completed to ensure your body gets the specific vitamins it requires.
  8. Bundle up when it is cold out, and don’t put looking cute ahead of your health.
  9. As soon as you feel the sniffles coming on, shift to a clean diet and get lots of rest.
  10. Once sick stay home until you are better so that you don’t get others sick.

While there is no guarantee that you won’t get sick this winter you can reduce your likelihood and duration of downtime with the tips above.

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