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The Downsides Of Minimalism

Downsides Of Minimalism

When you dive into minimalism everything is sunshine and roses. You feel empowered and free and are proud of your ability to purge. While much good comes from a simplified and more intentional way of living, there are a few unexpected downsides.

You Got Your Purge Picks Wrong

A common mistake that many find, is that you got your purge picks wrong. In some cases, you have a handful of items that you really wish you would have kept—but in many cases, it’s far more than a few things. While it is frustrating to have to purchase something you just donated during your purge, minimalism is not meant to be deprivation. If you have yet to purge, do your purge but set aside a couple of boxes or bins for your strong on the fence items and continue to purge or reimplement items as you settle into your new way of living.

You Underestimated Your Needs

For some, this might be that your tiny home is too tiny and the storage too cramped. Investing in new organizational items or storing a couple of boxes or bins at a loved ones to swap out seasonal items will help. Sometimes what you have underestimated is far more unexpected. Like moving to a tropical climate and finding that your RV rusts out faster than expected, or the rate at which your capsule wardrobe wears due to the frequency in which you wear each item. Invest in higher quality and accept that you will continue to spend on wardrobe and living staple.

Whatever your challenges are you will learn ways to make it work as you go.

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