Could You Live In An Airbnb Full-Time?

Could You Live In An Airbnb?

It’s a growing trend made popular for a variety of reasons. But could you live in an Airbnb full-time?

Mini-Moves Can Be Stressful

Even if you can pair your items down to two suitcases and a laptop bag, the frequency of moves will be more stressful than you might imagine. To ease stress, look for places to stay for at least 1 month at a time.

Comforts Of Home

While you will get to travel and see more of the world, not every Airbnb is created equally. The bed and bedding are not always comfortable, the kitchen may not be stocked with the essentials you prefer, and if you are on a budget and renting a room instead of an entire place the lack of space and privacy can quickly grow old. Not just that, but there is something to be said for feeling at home.

Transient Living Can Be Lonely

If you are going to move frequently you absolutely must prioritize meeting new people everywhere you go. Even if you don’t make lifelong friends in every location, a social outlet is a must. Look for local meetup groups, expat communities, and events and activities in activities you enjoy.

Last but not least, keep in mind that many Airbnb hosts prefer short-term rentals. If they aren’t keen on you staying longer don’t push it as there is always someone who is open to longer stays.

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