Regift Without Guilt 

Regift Without Guilt

Are you someone who hangs on to gifts you aren’t that crazy about because you feel too guilty to regift? While you never want to hurt someone you love’s feelings, gifts you don’t genuinely love can clutter up your home. Here is how to pass along gifts without guilt. 

Have A Waiting Period 

If it makes it easier for you pop all the thoughtful but not quite you gifts into a plastic bin and hold on to them for whatever amount of time makes you feel comfortable—but never longer than 1 year.  

Stay Organized 

The key to successful regifting is to give the gift to someone who is not related to the gift giver in any way. This means you will need to keep your regift box well organized. Write down what the gift is, who it came from, and who was present when you received the gift.  

Think Beyond Your Immediate Social Circle 

Be thoughtful about who you give your regifted items to. The goal is always to give to someone who will have a use for your gifted item. This may require you to gift beyond your immediate social circle. This might include hostess gifts, or regifting to clients and colleagues. Also, consider donating items to local charities.  

Every gift you receive is given with thought. Be thankful but don’t feel guilty for passing it along to someone who will enjoy it more than you.  

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