Why DNA Travel Is On The Rise 

DNA Travel Is On The Rise

Genealogy tests are more detailed and accessible than ever and global online databases make it far easier to track family history. As a result DNA travel is on the rise. Here’s why! 

Reclaiming And Celebrating Where You Came From 

Too few families have kept detailed records of their family tree and ancestral stories. The reasons for this are many, but with modern technology ,some stories can be recaptured. At the very least, you can determine your predominate ethnicity and what region of the world your ancestors came from. Then you can hop on a plane to learn more or at least see the land and region your ancestors once walked. 

Travel With Meaning 

What better reason to travel beyond the top travel destinations and tourist sights than to see where you came from? Many who travel to a region their family once lived, or that their genealogy identifies feel a powerful and indescribable connection. This is something you don’t achieve with your average vacation. 

Meet Family 

One of the fun things about the global rise in DNA testing is that you can find family members from around the world. This is often cousins, but your DNA results may reconnect you with long-lost or never known about aunts, uncles, grandparents, siblings, or even a parent. 

Sometimes genealogy travel will take you out of the country, but you may stay within the states to reconnect with family who is just a short drive or flight away. 

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