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Why We Must Try Everything! 

Why We Must Try Everything

As children, everything is new and exciting and school provides us with ongoing opportunities to try new things. As adults, we fall into monotonous habits and rarely try new things, even when the opportunity presents itself. Here is why you must keep trying new things! 

You Will Find New Things That You Never Knew You Enjoyed 

You won’t enjoy everything new that you try, but you won’t know until you try. And things that might not sound all that exciting may be something you are a natural at. For example, my friend Rachel went on a date night to a paint by numbers class and fell in love with painting. Now she sells her artwork on the side but does it because she loves it. 

You’ll Make New Friends 

Whether it’s signing up for a weekly dance class, a monthly book club, or partaking in random local activities and events—you are sure to make a few new friends along the way. Having a new stream of friends and acquaintances will open your mind, your heart, and new doors of opportunity.  

It Will Be Fun 

Even if you don’t have social anxiety you might find yourself nervous to try new things, especially if you are a bit introverted. But like most things, once you get there it will be fun. There is sure to be someone else new or others who are welcoming to newbies, as they were new once too. 

Set a goal to try at least one new thing a month and it will have a major positive impact on your life!  

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