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How To Immediately Raise Your Vibration

Immediately Raise Your Vibration

Whether you are feeling down and out or you feel good and want to shift to feeling great, the tips below will help you to immediately raise your vibration!

  1. Give yourself a mini temple massage.
  2. Think of something you are grateful for.
  3. If you are eating or drinking something, stop to savor all the flavors.
  4. Call or video chat with a loved one.
  5. Pet or play with your pet.
  6. Steam or take a bath.
  7. Schedule lunch or drinks with a friend.
  8. Watch a movie or online video that inspires you or brings you joy.
  9. Perform a random act of kindness.
  10. Do a mini meditation.
  11. Read your favorite quote.
  12. Take a 15-minute walk in nature.
  13. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers.
  14. Look through an old photo album.
  15. Replace your next negative thought with a positive thought.
  16. Take a few minutes to clear the clutter.
  17. Sincerely compliment a stranger or someone you know.
  18. Listen to your favorite upbeat song.
  19. Have a mini dance party, even if it’s only one song long.
  20. Give someone you love a hug.

Anything that brings a smile to your face or helps you relax will instantly raise your vibration!

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