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What To Do When Minimalism Stops Working For You

When Minimalism Stops Working

Many dive full on into minimalism, feeling an immediate sense of power and meaning. The first few months are usually bliss, maybe even the first year or so—but over time many who still believe in the principles of minimalism find that it’s not working for them. Here’s what to do without completely abandoning your social and environmental consciousness.

Find A Happy Medium

The most common cause of minimalism frustration is that you have gone to the extreme in one or more areas of your life. If your tiny home or RV doesn’t have the privacy you need to feel balanced, you are bored with your minimal wardrobe or home décor, or you find yourself daydreaming about some of the things you let go of—you can find a happy medium without abandoning your values. For example:

  • Add 15 or 20 items of clothing and accessories to your wardrobe doesn’t abandon your values but may be enough to provide the variety you crave.
  • Move from a tiny home to a small 1 or 2 bedroom apartment keeps your footprint low while providing the space you currently lack.
  • Invest in a few items that make your home look and feel more comfortable, functional, or visually appealing doesn’t have to cost a lot (but it’s ok if it does), but can make your house feel more like a home

Addressing Your Guilt

While you might not need more, and there are many people who can and do live with less—that doesn’t mean that you have to live with less. One of the accidental side effects of minimalism is a self-imposed deprivation. This can happen without you knowing it and has likely occurred if you judge and beat yourself up over spending money on essential items. Or if you find yourself judging or stressing about other’s spending habits. Minimalism is not meant to create a mindset of lack and limitation, but to empower you to live a life of intention. If you punish yourself, your spouse or your family with a lack of spending you may have taken your minimal goals too far.

While you may not return to spending or living life as you did before you went minimal you don’t have to remain in the extreme. Just make the changes that are most meaningful to you.

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