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December 2018

  • Are You Loving, Being Love, Or Both

    Are You Loving, Being Love, Or Both? 

    It’s one of those relationship truths we must all come to terms with at one point or another: just because we love someone doesn’t mean that they love us in return. You deserve…

  • How To See Beyond Your Personal Experiences

    How To See Beyond Your Personal Experiences 

    As challenging, complex, and beautiful our personal life experiences are we must never lose sight of the fact that our experience is not everyone’s experience. Here is how to see beyond ourselves and…

  • Regift Without Guilt

    Regift Without Guilt 

    Are you someone who hangs on to gifts you aren’t that crazy about because you feel too guilty to regift? While you never want to hurt someone you love’s feelings, gifts you don’t genuinely love can…

  • More Than A Haircut

    So Much More Than A Haircut 

    If you want a new look to start 2019 outright, consider getting your hair styled. A new haircut really can change your life, but you must do your homework first.   Choosing The Right Stylist  I’m all for shopping…

  • Box-Checking Limits Your Life
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    How Box-Checking Limits Your Life

    It’s one of the many topics that former First Lady Michelle Obama touches on in her inspirational book Becoming. Like many of us, she was dedicated to checking off boxes of…

  • Disconnected From Your Money

    Are You Disconnected From Your Money?

    While most people’s initial response is “of course not” the fact of the matter is that we are more disconnected from our money than any generation in history. Here are just…