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    Tidying With Organizational Boxes

    Tidying With Organizational Boxes

    Tidying is the new household trend as it goes beyond downsizing and decluttering to making what you have work better for you. Organizational boxes and item-specific storage are a big part of what makes this tidy trend work.

    Boxes For Every Drawer

    Almost every drawer in your home could benefit from an organizational box. For example, you likely have a silverware organizer, so why not have larger and longer boxes that make it easier to find the rest of your kitchen gadgets? You can easily find desk and drawer organizers for your office essentials, and several item-specific drawer organizers for clothing and accessories.

    Boxes For Storage

    The goal is to only keep items that bring your joy, then you must organize what you keep. Utilize photo boxes for photos that aren’t in albums, invest in a wrapping paper storage container, and utilize boxes and plastic containers to store everything from decorations to seasonal clothing, toys, and more.

    Finding Boxes On The Cheap

    You certainly don’t want to clutter up your home with boxes that you might use someday, but be mindful of ways you may be able to use any box that comes in your home. For example, many products are packaged in small boxes that you can use as drawer organizers. Or use shoe boxes or boxes that contained delivered items as additional closet storage. Pretty them up with decorative fabric or paper. You can also find organizational boxes and plastic bins at Target, home improvement stores, Marshalls, and the dollar store.

    Here’s to your tidy home!

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