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You Define You—Not Anyone Else

You Define You

If you find yourself frustrated with the labels, stories and ongoing narratives that others place on you then it’s time to put things into perspective. Even when speaking of your nearest and dearests, you define you—not anyone else.

Don’t Let Someone Else Limit You

One of the challenges with labels, even the ones we embrace, is that we may start to consciously or subconsciously limit ourselves. This happens when we say, think or make decisions that sound something like, “I’m a minimalist so I can’t buy an expensive car.” Or “I’m married so I can’t go out with my single friends.” Or “I’m a parent so I can’t go on a solo vacation with my BFF.” No label should keep you from doing something you love.

We All Have Many Labels

The fact of the matter is that every single person can be labeled in many different ways, but the only label that really matters is that we are all contributing members of humanity. When we lock ourselves or others into a label, we remove their humanity. When we focus too heavily on the way we are perceived or want to be perceived we quickly lose sight of what makes us unique. Or, you lock yourself into a label for life—even when your interests, value, or life changes. Labels aside, just be you in each and every moment.

If you have a person or group who limits you with a self-appointed label or narrative, that they can’t see beyond—address it with them directly. If they aren’t able to appreciate you for you it may be time to redefine your relationship with them.

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