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Why Your Weight Loss Resolution Don’t Work

Weight Loss Resolutions Don't Work

Eating healthier and exercising more are the top two New Year’s resolutions. They are a resolution that most people set and fail at almost every year. Here is why weight loss resolutions don’t work, and how you can achieve your goal for improved health and wellness.

You Don’t Really Set A Goal

A goal needs to be more than a declaration, but a clear and specific plan of action. Start by defining what finished looks like. For example, do you want to lose the 10 pounds you gained over the holiday season or do you have 25 pounds to lose? Then, create a weight loss strategy. For example, set an appointment for a full physical, ask for a referral to a nutritionist, sign up with a personal trainer, and commit to a workout schedule.

Make Health The Ultimate Goal

When we focus too much on the number on the scale we can quickly get discouraged when we don’t see progress. However, when it comes to genuine health it’s not about the number on the scale. Really, it’s not! It’s about sleeping better, boosting your immunity, decreasing inflammation, balancing your hormones, increasing your energy, addressing new and chronic health conditions, and making other healthy lifestyle changes. With these changes weight loss is often a side effect, but it must not be your only goal—and not the determining factor of success.

Last but not least, diets don’t work as most are based on deprivation that is unhealthy and unrealistic to maintain. Instead, focus on nutrition which is best achieved by working with a nutritionist.

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