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3 Unexpected Ways You May Be Lowering Your Vibration

3 Unexpected Ways You May Be Lowering Your Vibration

We’re just a few days in to 2019. To help maintain your energy and excitement it’s time to ditch habits that lower your vibration. Here are 3 unexpected ways you may be decreasing your positive energy.

The Way You Talk

Would you be surprised to learn that the primary way we communicate with others is by gossiping about others? Start paying attention to the ways in which you talk to others about others, keeping your level of judgment and unkind words top of mind. On that same note, be mindful of your negative self-talk.

Your Entertainment Choices

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good action, sci-fi, or fantasy series or movie. However, we must be mindful of how much negativity and violence we absorb in our entertainment choices. With streaming apps, this can be a challenge as it’s more common to binge watch series, even the darker ones. Just like how hearing some songs can immediately lift our spirits, while others bring us down—binging on series (even the ones we love) can bring us down. Be especially mindful of what you watch, read or listen to right before you go to bed.

Setting A Boundary Without Forgiveness

Setting boundaries with people who lower your vibration is healthy, but it must be done with forgiveness and not with a grudge or resentment. The important thing to remember is that forgiveness frees you. It does not condone the behavior but empowers you to move forward. You must also forgive those you have removed from your life.

When you find your vibration low, acknowledge it, correct it—and do something that will immediately raise it higher.

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