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Living A Kaleidoscope Life

Living A Kaleidoscope Life

Living life with a kaleidoscope perspective is a way to connect with humanity and everything with a fresh new perspective. Here’s how it works.

Seeing Life Through Multiple Lenses

If you or your kids happen to have a kaleidoscope, pick it up and take a quick peek. With even the smallest of adjustment, your view completely changes. While you may enjoy some views more than others, every view has its unique beauty. That is the same concept of kaleidoscope living.

Acceptance Without Opinion

Somewhere along the way we are led to believe that it is necessary to form an opinion about everything we hear. Where this creates problems is that it often leads to us beyond and opinion to judgment. With a kaleidoscope perspective we accept everyone’s experience with a sense of humanity, as opposed to an opinion. Whether you have had the same experience or not you accept that their perspective is real to them.

The goal of this change in perspective is not to condone behavior that is destructive but to open your heart and mind to the endless possibilities of life.

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