Let 2019 Be The Year You Let Go Of Stress

Let 2019 Be The Year You Let Go Of Stress

If you are someone who lives their life in a constant state of stress, you can let most of it go. As impossible as it might be to imagine you can achieve balance. It will never be 100%, but you can drastically reduce your current level of stress.

Identify Your Primary Stressors

First up you need to clearly identify who or what in your life is causing your stress. This might be your high-stress job, your unhealthy relationship, a family member with too high expectations of your time, or a schedule that is all but impossible to keep up with.

Commit To Change

Next up, you must commit to living the stress-free life you want. In order to do this change is required. This might include major changes like going to couples counseling or finding a new job. Sometimes the changes are smaller, but still a challenge—like learning to say no when you are overcommitted, or to things you don’t enjoy.

Actively De-Stress

Now it’s time for some self-care. This means making time for activities that alleviate your stress. Because our schedules are so busy, these are the activities we often eliminate—but it’s time to make them a priority. Whether it’s spending quality time with a loved one, taking a long weekend, scheduling a massage, getting to bed on time, yoga and meditation, or doing an activity you enjoy.

Last, but not least make sure you are properly putting things into perspective and not creating stress where there is none. For example, constantly stressing on someone else’s behalf.

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