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Why You Must Surround Yourself With People Whose Ideas Are Bigger Than Yours

Why You Must Surround Yourself With People Whose Ideas Are Bigger Than Yours

If your goal is to continually challenge yourself in healthy ways, then you must have at least a few people in your life whose dreams, goals, and ideas are bigger or different than yours. Here’s why!

It Opens Your Eyes To Your Options

If you are essentially in the same lane as everyone you know odds are that you won’t challenge yourself as frequently as if you have at least a person or two in your life who thinks a bit outside of the box. In other words, you may limit yourself, and each other, without knowing it.

It Provides The Support You Need To Grow

If everyone you know has similar aspirations and goals they may not support you in the pursuit of your dreams. Their lack of support is often unintentional, as your striving for more subconsciously reminds them that they could also be dreaming bigger. Your life should not be centered around conformity and fitting in but finding the places that you belong without being asked to change.

It Gives You Permission To Grow

Ask anyone and they will say that they support the growth of everyone in their life, but when faced with someone who is striving for more—many of us have the bad habit of pointing out all that can go wrong. Individuals whose ideas are bigger than yours will discuss the risks with you but will focus more on the unlimited possibility for success.

Don’t let other people’s fear hold you back from the life of your dreams!

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