2019 Resolutions For Happiness

2019 Resolutions For Happiness

Most New Year’s resolutions focus on voiding ourselves of a vice or at least minimizing its negative impact on our lives. Unfortunately, most of us abandon our newfound commitment before the month’s end. If you instead, focus on resolutions that bring you happiness and joy you increase your likelihood of sticking to it.

  1. Spend more quality time with friends and family who are a positive and healthy influence.
  2. Schedule at least one hour of me-time a week doing something you didn’t make enough time for in 2018.
  3. Schedule in, save up for and set a goal to cross at least a few things off your Bucket List.
  4. Create a reading list of books that bring you joy to read, and start working your way through.
  5. Pick one day a month to pay it forward to a stranger.
  6. Pick one day a month to pay it forward to someone you know, such as a colleague, regular retail associate, or a loved one.
  7. Make it a priority to spend more time in nature, or simply bring more nature indoors.
  8. Journal about moments that bring you joy, both so that you can do more of it—and also so that you can refer back to the list when you need to lift your spirits.

When you make happiness your goal your increased joy in your life will flow into every area!

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