Why Shouldn’t You Love Your Job?

Love Your Job?

Sometimes we get so focused on checking off the boxes expected of us or achieving the next milestone that we forget what is really important. While we all have bills to pay but you deserve to love your job. Here’s what to do if you don’t.

Identify What’s Not Working

First up, you want to determine if it’s the position and skill set that aren’t the right fit—or if it’s the company or office culture that isn’t working. Sometimes it’s not so black and white. For example, you may love the office culture but not the work. Or you may have once been passionate about your line of work but aren’t any longer. Or maybe you are very good at what you do but have no passion for it.

Determine What Would Work Better For You

I can’t tell you how many people I know who have ditched their high-paying, high-status jobs in exchange for work that brings them joy. While the paycheck may be smaller the improved quality of life make it worth the pay cut. And it’s not just the prospect of looking forward to work each day, but the reduced stress often improves personal relationships too.

You never want to be hasty and must have a plan in place, so save some money before you take the plunge—but don’t spend the rest of your career in a job that crushes your soul.

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