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Hate Working Out? Try This Instead

Hate Working Out?

The fact of the matter is gyms aren’t for everyone. But with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, we must increase our level of physical activity. If you hate working out, try this instead.

Head Outside

The more time you spend outdoors the more likely you are to increase your level of physical activity. Take a walk, a family bike ride, a hike, walk the dog, or play with your kids.

Hit The Water

There are a lot of water activities that are physical but don’t feel like a workout. This might be swimming, playing with your kids in the pool, or water skiing.

Take A Class

There are a lot of non-traditional fitness classes that you may find fun. This might include a tap dancing class, belly dancing, martial arts, fencing, or trapeze.

Sign Up For A Sport

If there was a sport you loved in your younger years or have always wanted to try, sign up for a local adult league. This is not just an excellent way to sneak in physical fitness but also a great way to make new friends.

Make Mini Changes

There are lots of small changes you can make in your daily routine that will help improve your circulation, which is important if you work a desk job. This includes utilizing a standing desk, sitting on a balance ball part of the day, walking during your breaks, and taking the stairs.

Workout At Home

There are some fantastic fitness apps that you can download to your phone that provide short 5 or 10-minute workouts, range of motion exercises, or stretches to increase your love of physical activity.

Even if you still head to the gym a day or two a week, these alternatives will keep working out fun.

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