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How To Make New Friends

make new friends

It’s important to keep expanding your social circle, both for personal and professional reasons. However, meeting new people can be a bit more challenging as adults. Here is how to make a few new friends and acquaintances.

Start With Who You Know

Odds are you already have at least a few people that you would like to know better. This might be another parent from your kid’s school, a regular in your yoga class, a colleague at work, or a friend of a friend. Send them a message and invite them for coffee or lunch.

Put Yourself Out There

The best way to meet new people is to put yourself out there which will require you to ramp up your social calendar. Set a goal to head to 2 to 4 events or activities a week where you will have the chance to meet new people. Most importantly, don’t be shy about exchanging your contact information.

Take Your Time

Don’t be too quick to size someone up, as friend potential is not always immediately apparent. One that same note, don’t just look for friends who are like your current friends or who are just like you. You, of course, need common ground but the more diverse the interests and thought process you are exposed to the more you will open your mind to the endless possibilities of life.

It takes time to make a marble jar friend but it’s surprisingly fast to make at least a few casual acquaintances, who in time may become a bestie.

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