Relationship Goals For 2019

Relationship Goals

If you’ve been with your partner for more than a year then it’s time to set a few relationship goals for the New Year. Here are some ideas for inspiration.

Complete A Project Together

Completing a project together is a fun way to bring you closer together. Your options are endless but the project should take more than a day or two. This might include a DIY home improvement project, adding a new pet to the family, taking a series of cooking classes together, volunteering together, or training for a marathon or color run.

Make More Time For One Another

The busier we get, the larger your family gets, or the longer you are together—the more challenging it becomes to find quality time together. It’s never anyone’s intention to spend less time together but if you don’t prioritize a weekly date night, time off together, and daily unplugged time as a couple—not just as a family, but as a couple too.

Support Your Partner’s Goals

Whether it’s your partner’s New Year’s goals, their professional goals, or interpersonal development—support them in what they do. Sometimes this is easier said than done as you may not understand their goal, or it may require time and money. Just remember that your other half is both an individual and your partner and that they will support your goals too!

Here’s to another happy and healthy year together!

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