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Bored With Your Wardrobe?

Bored With Your Wardrobe?

Does it feel like every time you head to your full closet that you have nothing to wear? If you are bored with your wardrobe these tips will help.

Remix Your Separates

Most of us have separates that we wear as part of a particular outfit, which is great—but sometimes we forget the mix and match potential. Lay out 5 to 10 of your bottoms at a time, then pull out your tops one by one to see how else you can remix what you already have. Do the same with your accessories.

Invest In A Few Strategic Pieces

One thing to do when you are bored with the options in your closet is to purchase an entirely new wardrobe, but this is expensive. Instead, invest in a few strategic pieces:

  • Fill in the gaps of the items you’ve been craving
  • Add a new trendy item or two
  • Purchase a few pieces with a pop of color or vibrant pattern or print
  • Find a few new go-to accessories, such as a scarf or a great pair of boots
  • Invest in a few textured items

Host A Clothing Swap Party

Pick a date and invite your friends over for a BYOB clothing swap party. This is a fun and free way to get a new accessory or article of clothing. Ask everyone to bring 2 or more items that are new or still in great condition. Ask friends to bring friends because the more the merrier.

With just a few small changes you will once again look forward to getting dressed each day!


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