The Power Of Kindness

The Power Of Kindness

Everyday Ellen ends her show by reminding us to be kind to one another. But what does that look like? Kindness is powerful and positively impacts everyone—including you!

Small Gestures

We all have people in our daily and weekly routine who we take for granted. This could be our family members, co-worker, or the rock-star barista who always gets your morning coffee right. Start taking the time to say thank you for the things that you have come to expect them to do but would be lost or at least bummed without.

Take Notice

The kindness of strangers is one of the most powerful types of kindness in the world—as it reminds us of our human connection. It doesn’t take much time to offers someone a smile, compliment, kind word, or help—but it will make a difference in their day.

Grand Gestures

Every once in a while you must do something above and beyond for those you hold nearest and dearest. It doesn’t have to be all that grand and could be as simple as buying a bouquet of flowers for no reason, preparing their favorite dinner, taking something stressful off their plate, or throwing a surprise party. The goal is to put some thought and time behind it.

The resounding theme is to make sure that we remain engaged with others in meaningful ways.

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